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These values are shared across our team, our clients and our partners.

Intentional Empathy

Active pursuit of understanding and sharing the feelings of another.

Group Intelligence

We solve problems by extracting the unique genius from those we work with.

Experiential Learning

Learning by doing, reflecting, and immersing ourselves in empathy-building activities.

Conscious Wealth

Intentionally building wealth that positively impacts ourselves and others.

Staying Power

The ability to maintain an activity or commitment despite fatigue or difficulty in order to achieve a positive outcome.

Whole-Life Integration

Bringing our whole selves into our work, community and family activities with integrity and transparency.

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We are guided by these values. When applied together, they make our work entirely unique.

We train (not consult). We are entrepreneurial-minded (always creating value). We are digital natives (leading adoption). And we know how to scale empathy (rather than preach it).


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Radical Customer Empathy: An Introduction To The Empathy Framework Methodology™

When you finish this book, you will be a better marketer.You will learn how to define your ideal customer experience; understand the importance of the customer’s mindset at different buying stages; and increase the focus and effectiveness of your marketing strategies.